Weekly Training Calls 

Weekly Training Calls

Jon Brazeau      Please see calendar for dates and times for next conference calls.

Archived Training Calls

Photo Requirement 8-4-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/462akYQr8

Excessive Debris and Trash out Procedures 7-26-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/MsVghDybJ

HUD Requires Signage: Placing and Purpose 7-21-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/Tnv5r132M

Routine Inspections and Grass Cuts 7-14-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/2m8TecxMS

HPIR Winterization 7-12-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/8okECWqGt

Health and safety hazards remediation/Pool covers and gates 6-30-16

Download here: https://fccdl.in/RV2H4F86k

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 App Training Courses 

Pruvan 101

Need to get set up with Pruvan? Follow the steps in the link to complete Pruvan set up.


Pruvan on IOS

Pruvan on IOS:

Do you have an IOS Device or Iphone? Take this course to get familiar with using the Pruvan App on your Apple device.


Click here to watch the video

Pruvan on Android

Pruvan Android:

Do you have an Android smartphone or Tablet? Take this course to get Familiar using the Pruvan App on Android.


Click here to watch the video


Watch the video below to get familiar with ReamsView

Click here to watch the video

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BLM has established a partnership with PP Materials to provide vendors with the best prices, products and customer service. 
Take advantage of the cost savings and order direct from PP Materials and mention or enter code BLM16
If you are just starting out ask about the Starter Package.

Call: 212-533-0090

Email: Leah@ppmaterials.com

Website URL: ppmaterials.com