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BLM works with a network of skilled vendors to ensure each property is secure, free of health hazards, and maintained to show-ready standards.

All work is completed in accordance with applicable investor and insurer guidelines. Our vendors evaluate and report any potential damages or issues so they may be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

BLM is here to assist our clients every step of the way.
Within the realm of property preservation are a number of services that BLM provides to our clients on a regular basis. Please read below about some of the additional services that we offer.

BLM provides winterizations seasonally to protect properties by preventing pipes from expanding and bursting due to freezing temperatures. It is standard procedure during a BLM winterization to turn off all water supply lines and zip tie them in the off position. We then drain the water heater and toilets and blow out all lines to completely remove water from the system.  Non-toxic antifreeze is added to all drains and traps. Winterization notices are then placed in the front window and next to every winterized item and all toilets are taped closed. This helps prevent accidental compromising of the winterization and helps prevent unauthorized utility activations.

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